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LiveViewer is an App that presents data visually and once downloaded and installed on the host computer, allows you to set each port mode (charge/sync/off) and monitor charging and identity of attached devices.

LiveViewer works with all our products apart from Multi-Charger and SyncPad54.

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Cambrionix Alpha API

Cambrionix Alpha API Software - try it here first. A whole new API is now in Alpha stage and we want you to help shape it, by test-driving this pre-release version and letting us know what you think.

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Cambrionix API

Cambrionix API allows you to monitor and control each port in more detail and to integrate these functions into your own workflow processes.

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Command Line


Command Line Instructions can also be used to control and monitor the functions of Cambrionix products and attached devices over a VCP (Virtual COM Port). In order to use the command line interface a serial terminal emulator must be installed on the host computer.

Examples include Serial, ZTerm, PuTTy, and Minicom.

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Firmware Updater

Updater Firmware

The Cambrionix Updater Application is a free product that allows you or the end user to update the firmware present on compatible products. If we develop an additional feature to a product or add charging support for new devices then the new firmware can be added very simply and quickly. 

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The Cambrionix USB Limit Fix is a free application for  some Mac models which can increase the number of USB devices which you can connect to a computer running macOS.

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EtherSync allows the remote use of USB devices by client computers via a network connection.

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ChaSync+ is a service for Apple computers to enable higher charging rates for iOS devices in sync mode when ChaSync is not enabled or supported (such as with the older 30 pin connector). For iOS devices with lightning or USB Type-C connectors, ChaSync will enable charging at up to 1.5A.

Disabling ChaSync and installing ChaSync+ will enable charging at up to 2.1A for iOS devices when in sync mode. Up to 2.1A charging is always available in charge mode for all iOS devices irrespective of ChaSync being in use or ChaSync+ being installed.